Clouds of Lavender

I was lost in my thoughts on an early winter morning, hoping the chill would spark some life. The sun had not yet risen on what had been a lethargic night.


Out of nowhere, she appeared, holding time in her grasp. She flowed along with the morning air and left the smell of lavender trailing behind her. I was compelled to follow in her wake, it was all I could do to keep her in my sight. The trail she led me on was simple, but it left me breathless nonetheless.


She led me round and round, till I saw nothing but the twirl of her dress and the smile on her lips. I was lost inside my need to hold her. But every time I reached for her, she swirled out of my embrace. I asked her how long she would stay with me, how long until I could hold her close. But she looked at the rising sun then back to me, with all her smiles gone.


She dissolved with the mist, leaving me, as if she was never there.